Are you wondering why your business isn’t making more money?

Maybe you’re growing, gaining more clients, taking on staff… but your profits are refusing to rise.

I use an industry-leading piece of software called My Cashflow Story to gain total clarity on where that cashflow is leaking. We’ll look at the seven factors that drive cash flow – and how making the right changes can transform it.

This is going to be an exclusive, interactive online session lasting less than an hour for MDs & CEOs who want to know how to boost the financial performance.

As an added bonus, if you join the webinar you qualify for a half-price one-to-one session with me, to use My Cashflow Story for your business. That’s where we’ll put your cash flow under the analytical microscope and come up with small changes to your financial strategy that will make a big difference to the cash in your bank.


Wednesday 20th July

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm