Why join London Business BookClub?

Your business will become the sum of your decisions, actions and attitude – reading great business books is a great way to improve all three.

But how do you know which ones are worth reading?

How do you avoid starting but not finishing?

How do you know you’ve learnt all you can from a book?

And how can you move from knowledge to implementation and then to results?

Our London Business BookCLUB has been designed for small business owners to help tackle each of these challenges.

We meet on zoom on the last Weds of the month to discuss the book of that month, share lessons learned and brainstorm ways to put that knowledge to good use.

The group then chooses the next category of book by poll. So the subjects are driven by you.

Improved knowledge leads to improved choices and actions and better results…

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Wednesday 23rd February

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

from £35+VAT

Chester House, Fulham Green
81-83 Fulham High Street


Our book choice for Feb 2022 is “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine.

There are countless books out there that extol the virtues of a positive mindset. In my experience most of them stop short of genuinely explaining the root causes – for you personally – of the mindset gremlins that we are all susceptible to.

Even more valuable, is the way the author gives you specific exercises to actively work on and strengthen your particular version of a positive mindset.

This is a cracking read for any business owner who sees that potential is something that can be expanded.