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Are you thinking about working with a London business coach? Welcome to the Tim Brown Action Coach website.

 I’ve designed this to help you get everything you need to make an informed decision about whether it’s worth reaching out to have a chat and see if a business coach would be good for you.

To do this, I think you’ll need information on 3 areas:

– What – exactly – business coaching is. (Home Page)

– Why choose ActionCoach  (About ActionCoach)

– My background & approach to being a business coach (About Tim )

Introducing Tim Brown – Business Growth Coach London

Tim is a vastly experienced businessman and business coach across a range of sectors with expertise in valuations: how they work and how to drive them.

With an entrepreneurial background, Tim has had success in corporate life, small business ownership, and now providing business coaching to his clients in London.

Tim is backed by the World’s No1 business coaching system and community of coaches and is committed to an ongoing training and education program.

Read more about Tim’s work and approach to business coaching and see how his services can help you.

What’s it like to be coached?

Phil Robinson, MD Paint The Town Green

What – exactly – is business coaching?

I can sum up my definition in one simple sentence: Business coaching is a catalyst for change.

It’s an ongoing series of focused conversations to help clarify what’s important to you and to turn that into specific goals and actions. Along the way, I’ll help you uncover and address anything holding you back – in order to create tangible, lasting change.

Business coaching is ideal for people who take their company seriously and want to make a step-change forward.

It’s about working ON your company as well as IN it. It’s about building an effective machine that works properly to benefit you, your team and your customers.

At the heart of any type of business coaching is a partnership that carries you to full success.

Whether you want to sell, expand, franchise or simply enjoy running a profitable organisation with a great team.

Are you ready to take a genuinely positive step?

Why does your business need a business coach?

Starting and building a company is a brave, bold and exciting undertaking. The emotional and financial rewards of creating a winning machine are huge.

As is the challenge you face.

There are about six million registered businesses in the UK, 80 per cent of which are single-owner operations.

Only one in 25 ever achieves annual revenue of more than £1million – and just one in 250 sees revenue above £10m.

Roughly 65 per cent of businesses go bust in their first five years –sadly, almost the same proportion do so in the second five.

And only four per cent of businesses are sold as a going concern. That’s a criminal waste of hard work, initiative and risk.

This begs 2 important  – and connected – questions:

Why don’t more business owners sell?

Why does the failure rate not fall over time? In other words, why is there no ‘experience dividend’?

The answer to both questions is actually the same. The vast majority of business owners in the UK are learning how to be a business owner ‘on the hoof’ and are more focused on profit than valuation.

That works in the short term but not in the final analysis. Because increasing the valuation of the company entails doing things that as a consequence also make it stable, more profitable and able to grow. Focusing on this is not something to do if and when you want to sell up – that’s leaving it way too late and you miss out on the benefits while you own it.

It’s what you do if you want to enjoy the experience of owning a growing company – both emotionally and financially.

There are 7 variables that help improve your company valuation all of which are long-term projects. So it requires some specialist knowledge and a constant commitment to taking the actions week after week,  month after month to build your winning machine. Just like getting fit.

This is why I’m needed to help you and would make the perfect coach and partner in your ambition.

I want you to get paid twice

My mission is to support you as a business coach and work alongside you as a long-term partner who can guide you to the success you need and want.

Our ultimate goal will be the creation of a highly profitable company run by a great team.

Your master plan should involve 3 vital elements:

First, to increase the amount you pay yourself

Second, for your involvement in the company to be consistent with your life goals

And third, to improve the value of your company to make it a sellable asset.

Get paid once in dividends. And again as the company valuation grows.

Looking for a business coach London? Let’s talk

If you’re intrigued by the idea of getting some help and desire a business or executive coach in London, let’s have a chat.

You can use this to complimentary call to:

Give your business an M.O.T.

Have a detailed conversation about a specific challenge

Look at low-risk ways to try business coaching out to get a feel for it

Or simply enjoy the rarity of a completely confidential chat with someone who fixes business owners challenges for a living

Just fill in the details on the contact form here and my team will be in touch.

Alternatively, you can also call or text me on 07825 589333, or email me at

We will focus on 7 core areas of success:

  • Your Development: As an owner and a person
  • Business Basics: How you control your time and money
  • Strategic Planning: A clear short-term plan consistent with the big picture
  • Data and KPIs: How to use data to manage your company performance
  • Team: Getting the right people in the right roles
  • Sales and Marketing: Building a reliable pipeline to get results
  • Systems: The foundations for consistency and growth.

3 Simple Steps to Start You on the Right Track

Step one: 30 min overview call to establish the major challenges & opportunities in
broad terms

Step two: business health check questionnaire – to fill in the gaps, get me up to speed, and give you the experience of being asked probing, detailed questions that you might not have considered seriously.

Step three: A complimentary 90-minute coaching session for you and your business, designed to provide clarity, solutions, and value.

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