What drives me on is working with growth-minded, positive and proactive business owners.

I want to see people enjoying the prestige and financial security that being a business owner should bring. Together, we can maximise your potential and create sustainable business and life success.

My clients are passionate experts in their industry – and inspire others to be the same.

I’ll push you to learn, grow and turn ideas into plans and actions that bring sustainable results.

Results-driven, competitive – and good with numbers

I’ve been a full-time business coach since 2011, following a 22-year career in UK equity institutional stockbroking and corporate broking with top-tier firms.

This gives me a great understanding of the economy and a broad spectrum of sectors – which means I’m quick at getting up to speed with the unique dynamics of a new business.

I’m well-versed with numbers but I don’t have an accountancy background. The fact that I’m self-taught means I know how to explain it to you in a way that helps you use it to grow your business.

The need to get ongoing results is in my business DNA. I’m competitive and working in the City only sharpened this. I believe business is a game that needs to be won in order for the game of life to be won.

The ultimate measure of winning in business is creating a business someone else wants to buy. In the process of doing that, you create an asset – and that feels great.


Hard-working, passionate & collaborative.

I’ve always worked hard, acted with integrity and cared about what I do. It’s a simple enough recipe and the results over time are compelling. It’s the approach I’ll take with you.

I’m passionate about business and take all of my clients to heart. Their successes are as important to me as my own.

I’ll be your No.1 fan when you’re acting today in a way that is consistent with your dreams of tomorrow. And I’m confident enough to be straight with you when you’re not.


It’s about getting it right – not being right

As a business coach, I’m more interested in getting it right – arriving at the right answer – rather than being right.

It’s my way of reminding myself that the best ideas are often already somewhere in your head. My job is to tease them out and give them form, detail and clarity.

Nurturing your confidence and conviction in them and priming you to take action is the path to real results.

If I get that right, you will become a bit of a rock star in your corner of the world. Others will look to you and I will have taken a step to achieving something that will make me very proud.


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