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London’s award-winning business planning day for ambitious business owners.

This is our community event where our clients can meet quarterly to review progress, celebrate successes and brainstorm the next set of challenges to unlock more growth – under the guidance of 4 award-winning business coaches.

Client Success Story: Paint The Town Green

Phil Robinson, MD of high-quality painting and decorating firm Paint the Town Green shares his progress so far after 2.5 years of coaching.

Client Success Story: Tasty Tubs Ltd

Steve Sutton, MD of wholesale resealable sweets wholesaler Tasty Tubs shares his story of 4 years of being coached.

Yes – but will it work for me?

How many times have you heard contradictory advice in business?

One person tells you that eg networking is a waste of money – the next that they built their business on it.

All they’re actually telling you is what did and didn’t work for them – not what will or can work for you.

The only ‘Truth’ comes from Testing & Measuring the results.

This is never more valuable than in marketing. If you want some pointers on how to do that, just drop me a line.

The Formula For Change

Any coach will get you to set goals. And preferably they’ll push you to set clear, measurable & challenging ones. That’s great – but what happens when it looks like you’ll miss them? Because goal setting is actually the starting point of the process – not the end. They are there to force an emotional reaction in you – either to achieving them or not. If that emotional reaction doesn’t happen – good or bad – you’ve either got the wrong goal or the wrong attachment to it.

Are You A leader – Or a Manager?

Walk into any book store and I bet you’ll find 10 times more titles on Leadership than Management. But how do you know what your business needs more of? This video gives you an easy way to analyse that – and set you on the right path to putting it right.

Just how much better can you BE?

It’s easy to talk about self-improvement. But how do you get clear and stay clear on what you need to be working on in order to do that consistently?

This is the best self-improvement framework I’ve come across – which will help you understand where you need to look next for those practical ‘work-ons’ to keep improving.

DiSC Profiling Tool:

Have you ever managed someone – or tried to sell to someone – and just found that despite your best efforts you just seem to grind each other’s gears? Whilst with others, you just seem to naturally click?

DiSC is a deceptively simple psychometric profiling tool that will explain why this is – and how you can adapt your approach to grease those wheels.

The Point of the Breakeven Point.

Working out the breakeven point is an important habit for business owners – but are you clear on why?

As a business owner you get paid last.

You get paid after the breakeven point (including all costs both fixed and variable) – and the more focussed you are on that, the clearer your strategies will be to maximise ‘your bit’.

Office Politics: Stop The Gossip

There’s a really simple reason why office politics and unhelpful gossip springs up in teams at a certain point.

This video explains why.

Time to Shine: The Key to Time Management

The essence of Time Management is to bring more value to your working day – as working harder will only get you so far.

But what’s the starting point to work out what YOUR value actually is?

This simple will show you how to do that.

Kickstart Scheme 3 Steps to Make it Work for You

The Govt Kickstart scheme is a rare example of a genuine win:win for SME owners.

Rishi Sunak is effectively paying you to create a new role for a 16-24 year old on Universal Credit for 6 months.

It’s great for the economy, great for the youngsters and great for you.

On this webinar I’m joined by Conor Byrne of The HR Dept to take you through everything you need to know to take full advantage.

Big and Hairy, Slightly Scary

It’s easy to lose focus on a business plan. You put the work in but they end up in a draw. Lot’s of things contribute to this but at the core of it is a lack of emotional attachment. A great fix for this is to choose a BHAG – A big hair, audacious goal. Something short, easy to remember and bigger than you or your business now – so probably a bit hairy and scary. Try it – and let me know how you get on.

Growth Coach 2017

London’s award-winning business planning day for ambitious business owners.

Divide To Multiply

The enemy of great results in business is often inaccurate diagnosis of the problem.

Too often business owners are too general in thinking (“I need more cashflow”) and therefore end up with generic, scattergun solutions.

Accurate diagnosis gets to the root of the issue where actions are much more likely to be relevant – and to work.